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Émigré: A Novel of the Tri-Cluster Confederation

Émigré: A Novel of the Tri-Cluster Confederation has been released and is available for pre-orders on Amazon.com.

Émigré: A Novel of the Tri-Cluster Confederation by [Watson, Mike]

When Fabien Loche arrives in the Confederation as SolSytem’s newest Liaison, his government believes he’s a broken man sent into exile. But the new job, and the new culture, are far more strange and welcoming than either had anticipated. With the help of the local Chief Inspector, and his headstrong niece Molly, Loche plunges headlong into exploring and learning everything on the station above and world below.

More is riding on his assimilation than his future. He’s also the vanguard of the spaceborne Houses of SolSystem, who are preparing to flee the reach of an increasingly unstable and aggressive Earth. But the Confederation is far more fragmented and factioned than he expected. The scramble to control the highly advanced technology that the Houses will bring, and the fear of losing it, may be the wedge that drives Confederation and Sol System alike into war…

Émigré will also be available in paperback. Please subscribe to my mailing list to keep up to date on future activities. A collection of short stories and a novella in the Tri-Cluster Confederation is in development. Join my mail list and don’t miss Dundee Orbital (coming 2Q2020.)

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