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As you can see, this is not Crucis’ Court. It’s time for a change. The ‘Court was an education. It taught me the basics of writing when, in my last working years, I was searching how to remain busy after retirement. I found that activity—writing.

Blogging came first. Writing fiction came later. As with any new skill, writing requires practice. I wrote a lot and, on an average, was able to sell one or two stories a year to a traditional publisher.

The Grantville Gazette, was an avenue to learn and, eventually, to a publisher who bought some stories. My first story, written in Eric Flint’s 1632 universe, Greetings!, was published in 2016. In the following years, they bought The Marshal Comes to Suhl, (it will reappear in an anthology later this year,) and a three-part novella, SMC (Suhl Metallic Cartridges). My latest 1632 story, The Searchers, appeared in issue #87, January, 2020, and, like Greetings!, was an issue cover story.

After SMC, I wrote for the Universe side of the Grantville Gazette. They bought The Enigma of Charlie Peabody, a modern fantasy, and two science fiction stories that have been merged into a novella. The Phantom of Barrington Light was published in May, 2019, and the second part, The Keeper of Barrington Light, in July of 2019. These two stories have been merged into a single novella, The Beacon at Barrington Light. The Beacon was released on February 7, 2020, on Amazon and will soon be followed with a novel, Émigré…as soon as the proofreaders finish with it.

Another work in progress is Dundee Orbital, a collection of short stories, novelettes, and a novella that have a common theme, Dundee Orbital, a thirty kilometer long station above the planet Inverness.

Dundee Orbital is the mercantile hub of the Tri-Cluster Confederation. Millions pass through the station and each has a story.

As I said, changes are coming. If you’d like to keep informed, please subscribe via the sidebar, to this blog.

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